Our Services – at a Glance

  • Renovations

    A home is a place of refuge and for most people a reflection of themselves. For that reason, we specialize in renovations that create unique living spaces.

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  • Custom New Homes

    Recognizing that many home buyers want a unique home, that has never been lived in, is why we build custom homes for our clients.

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  • Commercial Renovations

    Atmosphere is a marketing tool and businesses that offer the right atmosphere attract customers.

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Our specialty is renovating older homes that have become outdated or simply been neglected over the years. An older home often has a history and a style that can be set free with the right renovations.

Our team of experts begin with a complete analysis of the existing condition of a home. We pay close attention to the structure and unique features that can be enhanced throughout the renovation efforts. During the renovation process, we pay close attention to finishing and detailing, and in the end, we deliver a fully renovated home that reflects the style and taste of the individual home owner.

With many clients, we also take an existing home and transform it into the home that you have always dreamed of owning. Every one of us is a unique individual and our homes are that reflection of who you are.

Custom New Homes

Our custom homes are one-of-a-kind homes that exceeds the client’s expectations. We are involved in the building process at every stage, beginning with a client consultation that gives us a thorough understanding of the type of home they are looking for. From there, we are completely involved in the design stage and throughout the building process and every aspect of construction. This includes but is far from limited to including that all permits are obtained and all inspections are conducted; ensuring that your home has been built safely and soundly.

At the end of the process, we deliver a custom home that has been designed and built specifically for you.

Commercial Renovations

Our commercial renovations help businesses present a modern and inviting space that will be as important to their marketing mix as the products and services they offer. As a full service company, Foothills Renovation Services works with all types of clients and our commercial clients can expect the same level of commitment and detail that our residential clients are accustomed to.

Our clients are owners of restaurants, gyms, fitness studios and many other types of businesses and they all seek us out to create unique and inviting spaces that attract customers and let their clients feel at home.

Recent Projects